Minnesota: MNsure QHP selections break 100K; only 10K away from breaking their record!

Not an official update, but I just saw this from KXRA's Voice of Alexandria:

(St. Paul, MN) -- More than 100-thousand Minnesota residents have enrolled in the state's MNSure health insurance purchasing exchange. And about 50-thousand families are expected to get average tax credits of 72-hundred dollars to help pay for their coverage. Credits are higher in southeast and southwest areas. MNSure C-E-O Allison O'Toole says they can make the difference between "unhealthy and healthy" for thousands of people -- and yet, she says too many residents are not taking advantage. The open enrollment for MNSure runs through January 14th -- and O'Toole says that for at least a couple years, the tax credits will remain in place regardless of what happens to Obamacare in Congress.

That's the enitre article...it's dated yesterday (11/24), so I'm assuming the 100K figure was as of Thursday evening (Thanksgiving, Nov. 23rd).

MNsure's last official tally was 91,623 QHP selections in the first 14 days, so they added at least 8,400 more enrollees over the next 9 days.

During the 2017 Open Enrollment Period, Minnesota's grand total was 109,974 enrollees, so they're only 9% shy of that; they only need 10,000 more to beat last year's record...and unlike most states which only have until December 15th this year, Minnesota's 2018 enrollment period extends through January 14th.

The only reason I'm not 100% sure they'll do so is because that 100K figure is mostly comprised of autorenewals; it's likely that at least a few thousand of those will be scrapped by people between now and 1/14, cancelling out the new enrollees signing up. Still, it's likely that Minnesota will beat their record even if the national numbers still come up short.