Kentucky: 44.9% approved rate hikes; 1/3 due specifically to CSR sabotage

When I ran the requested rate hike numbers for Kentucky in early August, it looked like the only 2 carriers participating in the individual market next year (CareSource and Anthem BCBS) were asking for pretty hefty hikes of around 30.8% on average...and that assumed CSR reimbursement payments would be made next year. If they aren't, based on the Kaiser Family Foundation's estimates, I tacked on an additional 13.8% for a requested average of 44.3%. Ouch.

Since then, the Kentucky DOI has posted the approved rates...and the final numbers aren't not too far off, I'm afraid to say:

CareSource originally requested a 20.8% increase on the assumption that CSR payments would be made, but they also knew very well that they might be cut off, and were apparently instructed by the Kentucky Dept. of Insurance to spread the CSR surcharge across all plans evenly just in case...

...but then, just two weeks later, the KY DOI apparently did a complete 180 and told them to do the exaxct opposite...

...which means that Kentucky's CSR Load strategy status is actually either "Silver Load" or "Silver Switcharoo". However, Anthem's filing clearly shows that they went the "Silver Load", adding the CSR surcharge to all Silver plans, on & off exchange:

As for the average rate increase, it's slightly higher, at 44.9% with the CSR load added to the mix: