Idaho: 2018 Window Shopping Now Live at Your Health Idaho

Your Health Idaho just sent out the following press release:

Preview Health and Dental Plans on Your Health Idaho
Shorter Enrollment Period November 1 - December 15

BOISE, Idaho – Today, Idahoans can get a preview on of the 299 health and dental insurance plans being offered on the exchange in 2018, and how much help may be available to them.

“Insurance rates will be higher next year, but tax credits will increase to keep pace. Idahoans are often surprised at how much they can save on their health insurance through the exchange. “By going online now, consumers can check to see if they are eligible for tax credits to lower the cost of premiums,” said Pat Kelly, Your Health Idaho executive director. Consumers can take the savings information to comparison shop for the right plan.

“Because of the shortened enrollment period this year, we strongly encourage consumers to check out plans now. Idahoans can compare premiums, copays, and deductibles, which are all very important factors to consider before purchasing a health plan,” said Kelly. Comparing plans now is extremely important because plans, prices, and benefits change each year.

Open Enrollment starts November 1 and ends December 15, for coverage starting January 1, 2018. Customers who have 2017 health insurance coverage with the exchange will be automatically reenrolled into a comparable plan.

Prior to the 2018 open enrollment period, health insurance carriers will reach out to their customers to inform them of any changes to their current plan, including differences in rates and deductibles. “Idahoans are fortunate to have so much choice for their health insurance needs. That’s why it’s important for customers to work with a trusted agent or broker to review the options and make the best decision for their healthcare needs and their budget,” Kelly said.

One thing about that "automatic enrollment" bit: While it's a good policy to have in place for those who forget to actively re-enroll, I strongly advise that EVERYONE actively re-enroll, especially this year.