ACA Signups is Teaming Up with...the ACA Signup Project! (duh!)

If you look at the top of the website today, you'll notice a couple of new graphics, both relating to the Indivisible ACA Signup Project.

The short version is this:

Donald Trump is cutting ACA outreach, so we've started an Indivisible-based, state-by-state sign-up project group to counter the sabotage.

All you need to do (should you agree) is use social media to update people (on your advocacy and/or personal pages) in your state on key issues and dates/deadlines for sign-ups.

That's pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell, at least so far. It's a closed Facebook Group which you need to request permission to join, but they obviously want the materials to be disseminated as widely as possible (that's kind of the whole point!), so I've agreed to set up a permanent, public link for folks to access them.

For the moment it just includes state-level graphics in English, but there will likely be much more to come in the near future. You can also follow them on Twitter at @2018ACASignup.

I should also give a shout-out to ACA Consumer Advocacy, which is on board as well (again, not surprising!).

Don't forget to sign up for the Thunderclap reminder!

Will any of this be enough to cancel out the Trump sabotage efforts this fall? Hard to say; besides killing off the outreach funding and slashing advertising to the bone, they've also cut the enrollment period in half a year ahead of schedule, and the CSR reimbursement mess and threats to not enforce the individual mandate mean unsubsidized rates will likely be a whopping 18 points higher than they'd otherwise be. Add the 7-month (7 year, really) GOP campaign to repeal the ACA altogether on top of all of that, and the reality is that the 2018 Open Enrollment Period will likely be a big mess no matter what.

But we're gonna do our best not to let that happen.