Never thought I'd have to worry about being arrested for healthcare snark...until today.


Yep, that's pretty much a glimpse of the GOP's plans for Medicaid enrollees.

@Neoavatara @xpostfactoid @sangerkatz @larry_levitt We discussed last March. Public Option does no good if you're murdered by secret police.

— ☪️ Charles Gaba ✡️ (@charles_gaba) September 27, 2016

@Neoavatara @xpostfactoid @sangerkatz @larry_levitt Single Payer will be helpful after his Nazi thugs have beaten you up.

— ☪️ Charles Gaba ✡️ (@charles_gaba) September 27, 2016

At the time, many thought this was Crazy Talk. 100+ days into the Trump Regime, it doesn't sound so crazy. After yesterday's events, it sounds quite possible.

And then there's this...

Report: Journalist arrested for trying to ask questions during Price visit

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WDTV) --According to the American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia, a West Virginia journalist was arrested for allegedly asking Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Kellyanne Conway, Special Counsel to the President of the United States, a question.

...The news organization's tweets go on to say "He was trying to ask @KellyannePolls and @SecPriceMD questions when he was arrested."

The organization claims Heyman was "arrested performing 1st amendment duties."

Public News Service says the organization is working to bail Heyman out of jail.

The ACLU of West Virginia plans to hold a press conference on the steps of the West Virginia Capitol Building in response to the arrest at 8:45 p.m., Tuesday night.

5 News is working with sister station WSAZ to learn the latest from that news conference.

This wasn't some obnoxious nutcase. This was a professional reporter well-known in the area:

Heyman, a journalist with Public News Service, repeatedly asked the secretary whether domestic violence would be considered a preexisting condition under the Republican bill to overhaul the nation’s health care system, he said.

“He didn’t say anything,” Heyman said later in a news conference. “So I persisted.”

Then, an officer in the capitol pulled him aside, handcuffed him and arrested him. Heyman was jailed on the charge of willful disruption of state government processes and was released later on $5,000 bail.

...Before Heyman’s arrest, no police officer told him he was in the wrong place, Heyman said. He was wearing a press pass as well as a shirt with a Public News Service logo on the front, and identified himself to police as a reporter, he said.

At the news conference, Heyman’s lawyer called the arrest a “highly unusual case” and said he has never had a client arrested for “talking too loud.” The lawyer, Tim DiPiero, described Heyman as a mild-mannered, reputable journalist and called the arrest “bizarre” and “way over the top.

...Heyman has worked as a reporter for about 30 years, and his stories have appeared in the New York Times, NPR and other national news outlets, he said. Since 2009, he has worked as a West Virginia-based producer and reporter for Public News Service, which provides content to media outlets while also publishing its own stories.

Well, just in case the Trump Administration decides to send a goon squad to my house in the dead of night to "disappear" me over posts like this one: Thank you to everyone who's supported my efforts to analyze and inform the public about ACA & other healthcare-related data & news over the past 3 1/2 years.