But does it have FOUR WALL protection?


No real analysis here, just some choice tweets from this morning on the latest insanity. I'll likely tack on a few more as the day progresses.

.@SteveScalise says the repeal bill has "layers of protection" for peeps w/pre-existing conditions. That's the new GOP talking point, guys

— Rachael Bade (@rachaelmbade) May 2, 2017

"Layers of protection." As Jeffery Young of the Huffington Post noted...

You always test out new talking points when you're winning. It's a sign of great confidence in the policy and politics of your situation. https://t.co/CTgnppDP01

— Jeffrey Young (@JeffYoung) May 2, 2017

Speaking of having tremendous confidence...

Ryan tells fellow Republicans behind closed doors to pray for the health vote they may be about to take this week.

— Billy House (@HouseInSession) May 2, 2017

Yes, nothing shows confidence in your ability to get your fellow Representatives to vote for the bill that they've been promising they'd vote for for 7 years now like literally getting down on your knees and praying.

And finally...

Ryan tells fellow Republicans that their health bill vote, according to members: "This is who we are. This will define us."

— Billy House (@HouseInSession) May 2, 2017

Truer words were never spoken. Ryan just wrote the midterm ads for the Democrats.

Here's another one which I'm sure will go over well, via Robert Pittenger (NC-09):

House GOPer: Move To Another State If You Have A Pre-Existing Condition https://t.co/avg94IrmdN via @TPM

— Daniel Gross (@grossdm) May 2, 2017