Obamacare vs Trumpcare: The PowerPoint Presentation!

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as many blog entries the past week or two. This has been partly due to our 5-day power outage, of course, as well as various other personal odds & ends. The main reason, however, is that I've been driving around the metro Detroit area giving a PowerPoint presentation about the ACA and Trumpcare to various groups. Last night was my 4th or 5th presentation, and while it was kind of sloppy and scattershot the first few times, I'm streamlining and modifying for each new event.

Even so, I'm cramming a lot of information into an hour or so, and several people at each event have asked if I could upload the slideshow to the website for easy download.

Therefore, I present: The Affordable Care Act and Repeal/Replace: Where Things Stand (pdf).

Again, this is an evolving document. There aren't any bells & whistles, there may be typos, I'm still adding/removing some parts and am continuously fine-tuning it (I still have to add some data source citations and the like, for instance), and the repeal/replace situation is constantly changing as well. Also, a couple of the slides are specific to a few counties in Michigan, since that's where I've been speaking.

Still, this should give a pretty good overview of the general structure of the main elements of the ACA, the genuine problems the ACA has, my ideas for resolving those issues, the main elements of the Trumpcare (AHCA) bill, why the AHCA stinks so badly, and the potential fallout if it were to pass.

I even have a (badly-lit, shaky-quality) video version of one of my presentations available if anyone's interested.