When will the Republicans actually REPLACE Obamacare?

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked this question earlier today.

His response?





Seriously. That was pretty much what he said:

"We’ll get to that next year," Ryan told reporters when asked how long the transition away from Obamacare would be. "We just had a meeting with all our authorizers this morning about working on this with the Senate and the transition team. Those talks are ongoing."

..."We’re going to have these kinds of conversations. I don’t have an opinion on exactly what that timeline will be," he said. "There’s a lot of moving parts, and we have a lot of dialogue that we have to have with just our friends in the Senate and with the White House on the transition. So it’s just premature to suggest that we know how exactly long this transition is."

Oh, good. I'm sure this will make all those healthcare actuaries feel better.