Washington State releases comprehensive 2016 enrollment report...

The Washington HealthplanFinder just released a comprehensive report detailing their 2016 exchange enrollment status. It's important to keep in mind this has little to do with the ongoing 2017 open enrollment period we're in the middle of:

Total effectuated QHP enrollment as of September 2016: 166,098 people...or about 5% higher than they had in March, according to the official CMS report. This is unusual; almost every other state has seen a substantial drop-off in effectuated enrollment. The only other state which constantly increases effectuations during the off-season is Massachusetts, and that's mainly because they have special "ConnectorCare" policies which are available year-round to anyone. On the other hand, according to the WA exchange report, there has been a slight net drop since March...of around 4.5% (see 2nd slide below). Not sure what to make of that. Either way, however, the point is that attrition is unusually low compared to other states.

Also noteworthy: While the national APTC enrollee rate is around 83-85%, Washington State is only at 69% receiving APTC subsidies, which is interesting since WA doesn't have a BHP program like NY or MN.