District of Columbia: 1,800 more QHP enrollees, 3,400 Medicaid & 13,100 SHOP enrollees added from Aug - Oct

As I keep noting, the DC exchange insists on presenting their enrollment numbers as cumulative since October 2013.

As a result, I have to subtract the prior numbers from the current ones to find out the net increase in QHP selections, Medicaid enrollments and SHOP enrollments.

Here's the latest update, through the end of October:

  • 262,928 people enrolled through DC Health Link in private health plans or Medicaid (includes open enrollment and SEPs):

  • 38,468 people have enrolled in private health plans through the individual and family marketplace;

  • 175,012 people have been determined eligible for Medicaid coverage; and

  • 49,448 people have been enrolled through the small business marketplace (includes Congressional enrollment)

Subtracting the prior numbers (which ran through June 10th) gives us:

  • 1,858 more individual QHP enrollees
  • 3,439 more added to Medicaid
  • 13,098 more added to SHOP (Small Business) plans

It's the last number which I find most interesting. DC's SHOP enrollment is always much higher than most other states (except for Vermont), especially for their total population size, mainly because Congressional staffers are required by the ACA to utilize the DC exchange. Even so, adding over 13,000 in just one month is very unexpected, even when you take attrition into account. Not sure what to make of that.