Who's On First? I Don't Know...Third Base!!

Here's a peek under the hood of what a royal pain in the ass it is to keep track of all this stuff, here's a comment exchange I had with several site regulars a couple of days ago:

Charles Gaba: Actually, I did find *one* useful item...it looks like quite a few of the carriers *resubmitted* their filings later in the summer (my data is currently based on the requests from April/May).

So, we still don't have *approved* rates but the *requests* can be updated...

Some of it is odd---Aetna said they're *staying* on the exchange in Virginia...but it shows up here as being *new* to the exchange, even though they're a) already listed for 2016 over atData.HC.gov and b) I already have an exchange-based filing for them with over 13,000 current enrollees and a 13% requested hike. Huh.

joe: Aetna's 2016 plans are sold under Innovation Health Insurance Company. They were going to introduce new Aetna Leap plans in 2017.

M E: Sorta. Innovation Health is Aetna in Northern VA area. Aetna sells plans under their own name in some western and central parts of the state, and under the "Coventry" name in other parts of the state. All combined, the 3 don't even cover half the counties in the state, though. That's why it's so weird for me to see a list of like 15 carriers in the state, when my county only has 2.

Esther Ferington: Not that it much matters for these purposes, but I believe Innovation Health is an Aetna-Inova Hospital partnership, rather than just Aetna. "Inova" inspired the name of the policy with the word "innovation."

tbva: Can't speak to Aetna but KP is marked approved and closed so it's final. Others are also marked same but can't speak to all...beside, the site kicks me off and it's drudgery to log back in and recreate the search parameters....Poked around at some other companies and...I see several notices of exits.....

M E: That's what I got as well. I can't make anything of them. Further, I can't even find the filing of Anthem, which honestly is the only one I care about. I see their filings for various grandfathered plans, but not ACA plans.

joe: Anthem is listed under HealthKeepers.