Indiana: *Approved* avg. rate hikes: 18.5% (vs. 17.7% requested)

Believe it or not, Indiana's individual market situation is actually among the brighter spots this year. While three carriers are dropping off of of the ACA exchange market (and Physicians Health Plan is dropping off-exchange policies as well), they're also seeing the addition of a new carrier (Golden Rule), and one major carrier, Celtic, actually requested and received an average reduction in their monthly premiums, which is pretty rare this go around.

Unfortunately, the overall average approved statewide increase, while still lower than most of the other states so far, is actually slightly higher than the requested average. Every carrier got what they asked for with the exception of Indiana University, which asked for a 9.9% hike but was approved for a 14.9% increase. This bumped the statewide average up from 17.7% to 18.5%:

The average premiums range from an increase of 29 percent by Indianapolis-based Anthem Inc. to a decrease of 5.3 percent by Chicago-based Celtic Insurance Co.

CareSource Indiana Inc. will increase average premiums by 16 percent, IU Health Plans by 14.9 percent, and MDwise Marketplace Inc. by 11.5 percent. Coordinated Care Corp. had no change, although its average premium next year will be $680.48, the most expensive on the market.