Louisiana: ACA Medicaid expansion breaks 278K, 74% of total eligible

A quickie: Just 5 days ago it was reported that...

As of the beginning of August265,723 low-income Louisianians have newly signed up for Medicaid, according to state officials.

Well, according to NOLA reporter Kevin Litten just now...

INBOX: Medicaid expansion in Louisiana topped 278,000 people on Wednesday. That leaves about 100k people to sign up to hit goal by 2017.

— Kevin Litten (@kevinlitten) August 10, 2016

That's a net increase of 12,277 people in just 9 days, or over 1,300 per day.

There are an estimated 375,000 Louisianans eligible for ACA Medicaid expansion. If they can enroll another 700/day, they'll have maxed out by New Year's Eve.