For the Record: The CHIP program provides coverage for 8.4 million children.

There's been numerous mentions this week at the Democratic National Convention about Hillary Clinton's role in creating the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and with good reason.

The number which keeps getting thrown around is "over 8 million" (which is true), while the official CHIP website lists it as 8.1 million (which was true for 2014).

However, out of curiousity, I took a look to see what the 2015 data is, and sure enough, it was up to 8.4 million last year.

Here's a table showing, state by state, how many children were enrolled in the CHIP program last year (as well as the number in Medicaid, which, surprisingly, is actually more than 4x higher). In fact, well over half of all Medicaid enrollees are children.

NOTE: "Ever Enrolled" is confusing; it makes it sound like this is cumulative since the 1990's. It actually means "ever enrolled during that year", since there's a lot of churn with children moving into or out of the program as their family situation changes over time: