Pop. Health Blog hosts a Presidential Politics-Free Health Wonk Review

I was flattered to have my U.S. Healthcare Coverage Breakout chart receive the top spot in this week's Health Wonk Review over at Jaan Sidorov's appropriately-titled Population Health Blog:

Charles Gaba of ACASignups has been tracking the progress of the Affordable Care Act. This ongoing labor of love led him to comb through too-numerous-to-count public domain sources to provide an original-sourced summary (with links galore) of the health insurance status for the entire U.S. population in one chart.  He calls it "ambitious."  The PHB calls it gloriously detailed, credible and superb. KHN, you've met your match.

OK, I think that last line is a bit over the top (KHN refers to Kaiser Health News), but I appreciate the sentiment.

Check out the whole thing for some other fantastic Health Wonk writing!