Whither the OE3 ASPE Report?

In 2014, Open Enrollment officially ended on March 31st, but they allowed a 2-week "overtime" period for people who had started the process before the end of March but weren't able to complete it. The true deadline ended up being April 15th, although the official, final ASPE report ended up tacking on 4 more days (thru April 19th) for whatever reason. The final report was released 12 days later, on May 1st, 2014.

Last year, Open Enrollment officially ended on February 15th, but they tacked on a one-week "overtime" period, so the true deadline ended up being February 22nd. The official, final ASPE report was released 16 days later, on March 10th, 2015.

This year, Open Enrollment officially ended on January 31st, although the final Weekly Snapshot Report for the federal exchange tacked on 1 extra day (February 1st), so I assume that will be included. That means it's been 24 days so far, and the ASPE report hasn't been released as of yet...

I don't know why it's taking so much longer this year. Perhaps there's less pressure for the full report since CMS has been releasing the weekly "snapshots" and the topline numbers are already out there for every state (except Vermont). Maybe people just aren't as interested now that the craziness of the first couple of years has subsided, although obviously healthcare wonks/reporters/etc. are still very much anticipating the full report. Maybe there was some internal glitch which has to be sorted out. Anyway, I'm hoping it'll be released within the next week at most.