Rhode Island breaks 36K QHPs in 3rd week of off-season

Again, Rhode Island is the only state to continue with regular, weekly exchange enrollment reports during the off season. I would love it if every exchange did this:


  • 36,004 individuals are enrolled in 2016 coverage through HSRI, paid and unpaid.
  • The majority of these individuals are 2015 HSRI enrollees that were auto-renewed into a 2016 plan.
  • 8,657 of the 36,004 individuals have selected a plan for 2016 coverage, and are new to HSRI this year or returning after being enrolled with HSRI at some point during a prior year.
  • 33,920* of the 36,004 individuals are enrolled in 2016 coverage through HSRI, and have paid their first month’s premium.

*The number of paid enrollments is expected to increase as payments for March coverage are made by today’s deadline and processed over the next several days.

That's right: Rhode Island is now up to a 94% payment rate, which is fantastic (or 82% when you subtract the 5,500 who were "pre-purged" in January, but seeing how those folks had also been auto-renewed anyway, I'm not sure they should really count).

They've also added another 191 QHP selections; obviously things are slowing down (880 the first off-season week; 385 the second week; 191 the third), but that's still a net gain of over 1,400 since open enrollment ended.

SHOP ENROLLMENT • As of February 20, 2016:

  • Small employer accounts created: 2,247
  • Small employer applications completed: 811
  • Small employer enrollment (paid): 557
  • These employers represent 4,075 covered lives
  • 86% of small employers are enrolled in the Full Choice Model.
  • 93% SHOP renewal rate (2016 to date).