Guess what? Yes, Hillary DID support the Public Option for Obamacare

Thanks to Dee for the heads up: From yesterday's New York Times: 

Emails released last week by the State Department that were found on Mrs. Clinton’s private server show that she was keenly interested in the administration’s push to win passage of the health care law.

...The email messages show that throughout the fall of 2009, as the health care push entered a decisive phase, Mrs. Clinton lobbied some members of Congress for votes and even debated sometimes-esoteric policy proposals with aides, some of whom had worked with her in the White House when she was first lady, after her own failed attempt to push a national health care overhaul.

...Congressional officials who worked on the Affordable Care Act said that Mrs. Clinton was an important and effective advocate.

...That expertise is clear in some of the email messages, in which, for example, Mrs. Clinton questioned a decision by Senator Max Baucus of Montana, a main drafter of the legislation, to use nonprofit health insurance cooperatives to compete with profit-making insurers, rather than a government-run health plan, known as the public option.

“But the ‘system’ let the Blues go public,” she wrote in a message to Ms. Tanden, referring to the health insurance giant Blue Cross/Blue Shield, after learning of the Baucus plan. “What’s to prevent the co-ops from incorporating down the road? The return of nonprofits would have to require no changes.”

Obviously Sec. Clinton's views may have changed between 2009 and today, but this is hard evidence that she was very much in favor of a true Public Option healthcare plan at least as recently as 2009.

I'll just leave it at that.