Minnesota breaks the 75K QHPs milestone with 16 days left to go (over 90% of target)

MNsure has broken the 75K mark:

At yesterday's MNsure Legislative Oversight Committee meeting, CEO Allison O'Toole reported that as of January 15, MNsure had enrolled 75,000 Minnesotans into private health insurance coverage since the beginning of open enrollment, November 1, 2015.

As of January 10, MNsure had enrolled 69,671 Minnesotans into private coverage. This means MNsure has seen an increase of 5,329 private plan enrollments in five days. In addition, about 45 percent of private plan enrollees are new to MNsure for 2016. This is the highest percentage of new enrollees nationwide.

MNsure's goal is to enroll 83,000 Minnesotans by the end of open enrollment.

This will be the final enrollment update until preliminary end of open enrollment numbers are released on Monday, February 1.

As a reminder, the 2016 open enrollment period ends on Sunday, January 31. The MNsure Contact Center will be open extended hours on Saturday, January 30, from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., and on Sunday, January 31, from 8 a.m. - midnight.

The 75K figure (which appears to be exactly 75K according to the link) includes SHOP enrollees. Then again, SHOP only makes up around 1,900 of the total anyway, and the HHS Dept. hasn't seen fit to report SHOP enrollment numbers in any of their reports for 3 years running anyway, so I guess there's nothing wrong with doing this; they might as well be counted somewhere.

In any event, this means Minnesota has achieved over 90% of their internal target (83K by the end of OE3), or 94% of my target of 80K even (Minnesota is one of the few states where my own projection is lower than the "official" one; New York is the other one).

In addition, MinnesotaCare, the state's BHP program, has enrolled 19,415 people to date, along with 45,192 Medicaid enrollees.