Washington State: 180K QHPs thru 1/21 (86% of target)

The last official enrollment report from Washington State was 173,947 QHP selections as of January 2nd.

While this isn't an official update, yesterday they posted this blog entry, pushing today's deadline for February coverage (again, the final deadline for coverage starting in March is still January 31st, like every other state):

Washington Healthplanfinder has seen a continued increase in sign-ups as residents coming into the final days of open enrollment. An additional 11,000 customers have selected new or renewed health plans since the start of the new year, bringing the total number of sign-ups to 180,000 since open enrollment began on Nov. 1. 

OK, that's 180K as of 1/21/16, or 86% of my official personal target of 210K for the Apple state. They've added at least 6,053 over the past 19 days, or 318 per day; assuming no ramping up at all, WA should tack on a minimum of 3,200 more, bringing them up to a bare minimum of 183.2K. In order to achieve my target, they'd have to ramp up to 3,000/day for the final push, or over 9x as many per day, which isn't likely.

To hit my revised top-end projection of 14.0 million nationally, WA would have to reach around 200K even, or 2K/day (6.3x the average so far in January). That seems plausible.