5th GOP Debate: Carly Fiorina seems to think a) it's still 2013, and b) HC.gov wasn't developed by the private sector.

Seriously, this was the sum total of anything remotely ACA/healthcare-related during over two hours of GOP blather:

BLITZER: But my question was: Should these Silicon Valley companies be forced to cooperate with the FBI?

FIORINA: They do not need to be forced. They need to be asked to bring the best and brightest, the most recent technology to the table. I was asked as a CEO. I complied happily. And they will as well. But they have not been asked.That's why it cost billions of dollars to build an Obama website that failed because the private sector wasn't asked.

Note to Carly Fiorina: The original HealthCare.Gov, which launched and, yes, failed miserably in 2013 was built by the "private sector"...namely, Canadian-owned CGI Federal.

For the record, other failed ACA exchange sites were built by U.S. tech powerhouses Oracle Corp. (Oregon) and Xerox (Nevada).

These companies are otherwise known as "The Private Sector".

Admittedly, it was also in large part the private sector which came to the rescue of HealthCare.Gov shortly afterwards, helping turn it into such a smooth-running operation that they've enrolled hundreds of thousands of people in private healthcare policies in just the past few days.

Anyway, Carly Fiorina can't seem to get it through her skull that technology advances, which is something you'd think she of all people would know something about after Steve Jobs ate her lunch back in 2004.