UPDATE: Radio Silence: What's the story with DC, ID, KY, NY & VT?

If you take a look at the State-by-State chart, you'll notice that in addition to a few clarifications here and there, there are 5 states (well, 4 states +DC) all the way at the bottom labelled "NO DATA YET".

California insists, just like last year, on doing this weird thing where they release the number of new enrollees who have signed up on a fairly regular basis, but the number of renewals by current enrollees is kept a secret all the way into January. I have no idea why they do that, and it's pretty important given that we're likely talking about somewhere between 1.0 - 1.3 million people here.

On the other hand, at least they've posted data on their new additions. DC, Idaho, Kentucky, New York and Vermont haven't even done that much as of this writing.

In the case of New York, this is also expected; last year they didn't release any numbers until December 12th, and even then, like California, that only included new additions for whatever reason. For NY, there are two big issues which could impact 2016 enrollment: The collapse (and subsequent mess) of the Health Republic Co-Op, and the addition of the new Basic Health Plan via the ACA (this is similar to Minnesota's MinnesotaCare, although that program has been in place for decades).

Kentucky was pretty good about releasing detailed data updates the first two years, but given brand-new GOP Governor Matt Bevin's open hatred of the ACA and all things kynect-related, I suppose it's not surprising that the official webpage devoted to crowing about their enrollment successes has gone blank.

Idaho's exchange site has only been around for one year; they're kind of cagey about releasing data; they do so rarely and not usually on any set schedule.

UPDATE 12/14/15: Your Health Idaho has assured me that they'll be releasing updated enrollment data later this week, after the 12/15 deadline has passed.

The two which I am surprised by, however, are DC and Vermont, both of which have traditionally been pretty good about regular data reports. In fact, DC released two updates in October, although neither of these do any good for 2016 Open Enrollment purposes. So far this year, however...nothing.

Anyway, I'm hoping that some or all of these exchanges will dole out the data soon...