I seem to be beloved by right-wing outlets lately.

From an email I received today:

FROM: (name)
Organization: Sinclair Broadcast Group

Mr. Gaba,

I am working on an article about UnitedHealth Group saying it may drop out of Affordable Care Act exchanges in 2017. I am trying to get a sense of how significant this and other recent news surrounding the law really are. I see you have written several posts about these developments. If you are interested and available to talk about that on the phone for a few minutes today, please let me know. Thank you.


My response:

Dear (name)--

I appreciate your interest.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but notice that your organization is the same one which produced and broadcast the anti-John Kerry propaganda film “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal” [ie, part of the infamous "Swift Boating" smear] in 2004.

The same organization which broadcast the anti-Obama propaganda film “Breaking Point: 25 Minutes That Will Change America” in 2010.

The same organization which broadcast an anti-Obama propaganda “election special” on election eve, 2012.

You’ll forgive me if I find it difficult to believe that I would be quoted factually and in context in whatever article it is that you’re working on.


Charles Gaba

That is all.

UPDATE: Actually, I should reiterate that I am not opposed to all outlets or reporters who are negative/opposed to the ACA. Again, I've found Jed Graham of (otherwise-hostile) Investor's Business Daily to be extremely professional and intellectually honest, and I recently discussed the "rate increase" situation at lengthy with Kenric Ward of Watchdog.org.

On the other hand, a few weeks back I made the mistake of trusting someone from the Daily Caller to use my work and quotes properly...and that didn't work out very well. As a result, I've recently become pretty gun shy about such things, especially when the outlet is headlined by someone who had previously proven herself to be completely ridiculous.

In short, I have to take these things on a case-by-case basis, I suppose. It's certainly possible that the Sinclair reporter who wrote me today really is an honest journalist working for a dishonest organization. Maybe I should read up on his individual work first before jumping to any conclusions. However, I'm pretty busy at the moment and don't have time to do a full review of the man's portfolio right now; all I have to go on is who he works for...and the "Sinclair Broadcast Group" appears to be nothing more than FOX News Jr., from what I can tell. No sale.