Rhode Island: QHP selections break 37K to date, uninsured down to 5%

From a press release by Rhode Island's ACA exchange:

PROVIDENCE, RI- HealthSource RI (HSRI), Rhode Island’s state-based health benefits exchange, reported today the percentage of Rhode Islanders lacking health insurance has been reduced by more than half since 2012, according to results of a robust, state-wide survey commissioned by HSRI.  The Health Information Survey (HIS) showed a drop in the uninsured rate from 11 percent in 2012 to five percent in 2015 (margin of error of +/- one percent.) The comprehensive HIS survey of 5,000 households and more than 12,000 individual Rhode Islanders shows similar trends to other national surveys released in recent weeks.

...HealthSource RI has enrolled over 37,000 in health coverage, and in partnership with the federal government, has connected more than 30,000 Rhode Islanders with financial assistance to make private health insurance affordable. An additional 82,000 Rhode Islanders have been enrolled in Medicaid since 2012 under expanded federal eligibility rules.  The number of uninsured residents has been reduced from just fewer than 113,000 before the Affordable Care Act was signed to just fewer than 50,000 today.

That 37K QHP figure is up 1,000 since July 3rd. It's also good to see a hard Medicaid expansion number for Rhode Island (82K).