UPDATE: Programming Note: On Vacation!

If some major development occurs I'll post it (and I'll probably be posting links to stuff via Twitter and Facebook here and there), but otherwise don't expect much in the way of site updates until next Thursday.

Meanwhile, thanks to Paul Krugman for his latest shout-out this morning!

UPDATE: Yeah, yeah, I saw the news about both Rubio and Walker releasing their "Obamacare Replacement Plans". As far as I can tell, they're both the same warmed-over crap that the GOP has been farting around with for 5 years now, a mish-mash of "Obamacare without the Obama part", with "selling across state lines" added and "regulations requiring insurance companies not to act like complete jerkfaces" removed. I'll probably write up something about it when I get back next week, but that's my initial reaction.