Dear Paul Ryan: For God's Sake, Let it Go Already...

Via Wikipedia:

Japanese holdout

Japanese holdouts (残留日本兵 Zanryū nipponhei?, "remaining Japanese soldiers") or stragglers were Japanese soldiers in the Pacific Theatre who, after the August 1945 surrender of Japan ending World War II, either adamantly doubted the veracity of the formal surrender due to strong dogmatic or militaristic principles, or simply were not aware of it because communications had been cut off by the United States island hopping campaign.

They continued to fight the enemy forces, and later local police, for years after the war was over. Some Japanese holdouts volunteered during the First Indochina War and Indonesian War of Independence, to free Asian colonies from Western control despite these having once been colonial ambitions of Imperial Japan during World War II.

Intelligence officer Hiroo Onoda, who was relieved of duty by his former commanding officer on Lubang Island in thePhilippines in March 1974, and Teruo Nakamura, who was stationed on Morotai Island in Indonesia and surrendered in December 1974, were the last confirmed holdouts, though rumors persisted of others.

Via Sarah Ferris, The Hill:

A top House Republican on Friday vowed to keep fighting to repeal ObamaCare through budget reconciliation even as the tactic is losing support from some within the GOP.

“We want to use reconciliation to go after ObamaCare,” House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told reporters Friday.

Republicans had planned to use reconciliation — an obscure budget tool used to avoid the Senate’s 60-vote threshold — to muscle through new healthcare legislation if ObamaCare was upheld in the King v. Burwell case last month. The Supreme Court ultimately upheld the law in a 6-3 vote, creating a new headache for Republicans who now see fewer options in their battle against ObamaCare.

I'm not entirely sure if I understand how such a scenario would play out , but it sounds to me that if the GOP were to pull a stunt like this, it would end up with President Obama vetoing it, which would presumably set the stage for another Federal Government Shutdown just as the 2016 campaign is heating up.

If I'm correct about that, then as President Obama said to to Mitt Romney a few years back: "Please proceed, Governor..."