UPDATE: Programming Note: Virginia news interview on Monday

This isn't a huge deal, but it's only the 2nd time I'll have appeared on broadcast TV: Norfolk, Virginia news station WVEC did a Skype interview with me this morning which is supposed to air this coming Monday at 6pm. Presumably the clip will be available on their website shortly thereafter.

The subject was the impending 2016 rate hike brouhaha. I noted most of the points from my healthinsurance.org piece a couple of months ago, but we also delved into a few other related areas.

UPDATE 7/13/15: OK, looks like they've posted a "teaser" of the interview this morning; it's set to air this evening at 6pm; as you can see, in the text version, at least, they did a good job of including several of the key points I brought up, especially the "shop around" factor:

Healthcare blogger, Charles Gaba, also the creator of acasignups.net says everyone needs to calm down over what are only "requested" rates at this time. They have to be approved by state regulators. "Last year, in a lot of states, the final approved rates were actually significantly lower, " says Gaba.

...Gaba also says consumers should consider the weighted average by provider market share. Figuring out the average requested rate increase in a particular state assumes that each insurer has an equal number of enrollees.

His most important advice is that enrollees need to shop around. Insurers offer several plans. Not all necessarily have an increase. Those who automatically renew plans could miss out on a bargain with another insurer on the marketplace.

...Gaba predicts that over the next few years, more healthy and young people will enter the ACA pool which will balance the risk pool and stabilize rates.

Given that this is probably just a 3-minute piece on a local evening newscast, the odds are that they'll only use 10 or 20 seconds of footage from the interview (the whole thing was only 10 minutes or so), but it's still a nice little ego boost.

UPDATE: OK, here it is...not bad, really; I'm only on screen for perhaps 15 seconds as I expected, but they did make sure to cover some key points: 1) the rates haven't been approved yet in most states; 2) make sure to SHOP AROUND; 3) you need to look at YOUR situation: