Rhode Island: QHP selections break 36K to date

The last official enrollment update for Rhode Island was 31,513 people as of 2/23/15, of which 30,001 had paid their first monthly premium at the time.

On the one hand, that makes it look like an amazing 95% payment rate; however, RI also "pre-purged" unpaid enrollments which missed the payment deadline prior to officially reporting them, so their payment rate actually ended up being more like 91% (ie, 30K out of around 33K total selections).

As of July 3rd, the QHP selection total for RI stood at "over 36,000":

HealthSource RI has enrolled over 36,000 Rhode Islanders in 2015 healthcare coverage to date. Some Rhode Islanders may be eligible for a special enrollment period (outside of open enrollment) during which they can get coverage because of qualifying life-change events (such as a change in family status, loss of insurance, and certain hardships).  More information about who qualifies for a special enrollment period is available at HealthSourceRI.com.

Assuming the same 91% payment rate has held steady, that means they should have roughly 32,760 paid QHPs so far this year (although the actual number currently enrolled is likely more like 29,000, give or take, due to normal attrition).

How does this fit in with my general rule-of-thumb estimate of 7,500 off-season QHP selections per day nationally? Well, Rhode Island's 31,513 made up a mere 0.27% of the 11.688 million total as of 2/22/15. If the ratio has held during the off-season, they should be enrolling roughly 20 people per day (7,500 x 0.27%). 3,000 people over 129 days = 23 people per day.