Things my son will never understand (thank God)

Today happens to be my 45th birthday. Needless to say, like so many others, I'm still winding down from a tumultous week: The Confederate flag being taken down across the land (well, most of it, anyway...) a mere 150 years after the Civil War ended. The Supreme Court ruling that it's a bit unreasonable for 9,800 people to die unnecessarily every year because someone got a little sloppy when typing up their term paper. The Court further ruling that homosexuals have the right to get hit with the marriage penalty at tax time just like the rest of us. An astonishing eulogy for victims of terrorism featuring the President of the United States singing "Amazing Grace". An amazingly bold deeds-not-words action by a young black woman and her white male associate. Donald Trump polling 2nd in the New Hampshire GOP primary race. On a personal level, I received an incredibly flattering shout-out from Paul Krugman.

And finally, the week culminated in what was once "the most trusted name in news" being reduced to mistaking sex toy silhouettes for terrorist dogma.

On the other hand, the families and friends of those Charleston victims have still lost their loved ones, a half-dozen or more black churches have been burnt down across the South this week, and dozens more people were killed by terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and beyond. Words continue to flow out of Mike Huckabee's mouth. Donald Trump is polling 2nd in the New Hampshire GOP primary race. On a personal level, I have to spend a few hours mowing the lawn on my birthday (it's expected to be the only nice day this week in this area).

All in all, an amazingly eventful week, and I'll be back to posting about the latest idiocy when it comes to developments on the ACA front tomorrow...but seeing how it's my birthday and all, I think I'll focus on the positive today.

I posted this photo last summer, but it seems even more appropriate today.