Indiana: 237,000 enrolled in ACA Medicaid expansion

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Andrew Sprung

Yes, with the All King v. Burwell, All The Time® mindset this month, it's easy to forget that the core purpose of this website is supposed to be to track the enrollment numbers...and between KvB and this being the middle of the off-season, it's no wonder that there hasn't been much of that lately.

With that in mind, thanks to Andrew Sprung for this tidbit...Indiana is one of the states which initially refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, but which came around earlier this year, starting enrollment in their (heavily modified) Medicaid expansion program at the end of January.

Five months later, it looks like it's off to a pretty good start:

"The Healthy Indiana Plan ... is aspirational," said Brian Neale, the governor's health policy director. "We believe that individuals, if offered the opportunity, will make the right choices."

As of last month, more than 237,000 people had enrolled; about 70 percent were making the required contributions, according to the state.

At Heart City Health Center, a squat brick building across the street from a factory, sign-ups have been brisk.

Joyner, who waited tables for more 40 years before her legs gave out two years ago, called the new coverage "a godsend."

This is an example of why I'm pretty certain that total ACA-enabled Medicaid expansion has broken through the 14 million mark as of this week.