So, what'd I miss??

I was out of town all day yesterday, having flown down to Atlanta, Georgia to address the Society of Actuaries conference. It was a small audience but went very well; a great group and an interesting experience. I was up at 5am to catch the flight down, caught the red eye back at midnight and then had to get my kid to an MRI appointment this morning (nothing serious, it went fine; he has to take it easy the rest of the day while recovering from the anesthesia, but otherwise all is well). Needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted myself.

So...did I miss anything ACA-related the past day or so?

1. The King v. Burwell decision was not announced this morning, so we'll all be alternately twiddling our thumbs and holding our breath until at least Monday.

2. Paul Ryan announced the details of his Veto-bait BS "fix" for an adverse King v. Burwell ruling. It's pretty much the same pile of crap as all of the other GOP "fixes" being tossed around so far. The only significant difference in this one is that it includes "block grants" to replace subsidies in the states which wish to, otherwise known as "bribing the states to kill the ACA".

3, A New York Times profile of David King, the actual primary plaintiff in King v. Burwell, offers evidence that King is a moron, hypocrite and all around jerk at once.

In other words, apparently I didn't miss a damned thing.

UPDATE 6/19: You'll notice that I didn't say much of anything about the Ryan plan or King profile, for 2 reasons: First, as noted, I was a bit distracted yesterday. Second...WTF else is there for me to say about either one? They speak for themselves.