A Quick Update on Luis Lang

For the backstory on the Luis Lang Saga, see here, here, here, here, here and here.

All caught up? OK, then...

A couple quick developments in the ongoing saga of Luis Lang, the guy from South Carolina with serious medical and insurance issues whose story went viral a few weeks back.

As you'll recall, when we last checked in on him, he had denounced the Republican Party, openly called for single payer healthcare, apologized to President Obama for what he says are misconstrued statements about the President and the Affordable Care Act, and was even trying to launch some sort of low-income healthcare assistance foundation.

Anyway, a few days ago Lang (whose GoFundMe account has reached about $27KĀ out of his $30K goal) posted a quick update along with a short video about his "once was blind but now I see..." experience:

Hi everyone. Just to keep you all up to date I'm going to the eye doctor on tues the 9 and a regular doctor on thurs the 11. I will post the doctor notes afterwards. In the meantime I thought that you would enjoy this video that my neighbor help me make. So go to my Facebook page and watch it.

Hmmmmm...well, it's not exactly an Oscar winning production, but the point is made. Congrats to Mr. Lang.