The Immediate King v. Burwell Fallout: STATE BY STATE

UPDATE: You can also download all 34 state graphics at once in a ZIP file!!

A couple of days ago I noted that the primary damage (but by no means the only damage) of the Supreme Court ruling for the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell would be for appx. 6.5 million people to have to shell out an average of over $1,600 in extra taxes this year to keep their current healthcare policy through the end of 2015, plus a likely average 493% hike in premium rates if they want to keep the same policies in 2016.

However, seeing one big blobby spreadsheet isn't exactly conducive to capturing people's attention, so I've taken the liberty of whipping up social media-friendly individual state graphics. Feel free to share widely!

A couple of caveats; these images assume that:

  • The Supreme Court rules for the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell,
  • They do not include any sort of "stay", meaning that the IRS is required to stop offering federal tax credits to the enrollees in question starting in July 2015,
  • Congress does not pass any sort of legislative "fix" which extends federal tax credits to these states beyond the Court's ruling (whether temporary or permanent), and
  • None of the states listed are able to "establish" an ACA exchange in time for the 2016 Open Enrollment Period.

In addition, note that compared with the numbers in the spreadsheet, I've rounded the number of enrollees down to the nearest thosuand, the dollar amount to the nearest hundred, and the percent increase to the nearest 10%.