Colorado: Effectuated enrollments up 1.2% from 3/31 to 5/31

As I noted last month, Colorado's exchange reports are both crammed full of useful data and very confusing at the same time. Fortunately, with the help of Louise Norris, it should be a bit easier to figure out this time around (plus, during the off-season some of the numbers aren't as crucial anyway).

The total paid enrollment as of 5/31/15 is 73,438 + 54,811 = 128,249 people.

The number of these which were effectuated as of 5/31 appears to be 131,496 - 2,493 (SHOP) - 4,496 (Dental Only) = 124,507 people as of the end of May.

As I expected, this is a slight increase from 122,976 as of 3/31/15, which is actually more impressive since Colorado is one of the 3 states which didn't offer any sort of #ACATaxTime enrollment period after Open Enrollment ended.