Presenting the King v. Burwell Countdown Clock!

Yes, if you look at the top of the page, you'll see the seconds ticking away until the Supreme Court finally announces whether 6.5 million lower- to middle-class Americans get hammered with a $3,200 (average) annual tax hike apiece thanks to a joint effort by the Cato Institute and the Republican Party.

As of this writing, the countdown clock reads 24 Days, 18 Hours, 14 Minutes and 27 Seconds. 21 Days, 0 Hours, 48 Minutes, 21 Seconds. However, the Court's decision could be announced as soon as 4 days from now! 1 Hour from now! Commenter "secretadvocate" noted that according to the Supreme Court's calendar, they plan on making their Major Decision announcements on each Monday of June. Since they took a pass on King a few days ago, that leaves 4 possible dates for the Big Announcement:

  • Monday, June 8th
  • Monday, June 15th
  • Monday, June 22nd
  • Monday, June 29th

Most watchers seem to the pretty sure that they'll hold off on King v. Burwell until the last day (6/29), but you never know; they could surprise everyone and either drop or defuse the bomb this coming Monday the 8th.

Hang tight, everyone...