NOT BREAKING: Generous Progressives Bail Out Hypocrite Conservative (UPDATED)


So, this morning I posted a story about one Luis Lang and his wife, the ever-so-lovely Mary Lang, who are in quite a bind down in South Carolina.

The very short version is pretty much the headline:

  • Mr. Lang is a smoker and has had diabetes & other medical ailments for several years.
  • Mr. Lang lives in South Carolina, which refused to expand Medicaid.
  • Mr. Lang is a Republican.
  • Therefore, Mr. Lang hates Obamacare.
  • Therefore, Mr. Lang refused to enroll in a healthcare policy out of "pride", even when he could afford it.
  • Therefore, Mr. Lang is now without any form of healthcare coverage.
  • Therefore, Mr. Lang is now up a creek w/out a paddle now that his medical ailments have caught up with him.

Read the whole thing. I'll wait...

OK, done? Good.

Needless to say, Mr. "Too Proud to Get Insurance" Lang and Mrs. "We Belong at the Front of the Line" Lang have, of course, set up a GoFundMe page, hoping that a bunch of complete strangers will pony up the $30,000 which they apparently need in order to cover Mr. Lang's medical expenses.

Of course, if South Carolina had simply expanded Medicaid, then Mr. & Mrs. Lang would now qualify for it, meaning that complete strangers would be paying for their medical expenses.

For that matter, if Mr. Lang had actually enrolled in a private healthcare policy via the ACA exchange when he was supposed to, he'd likely have qualified for at least a partial tax credit, which would bring the benefit of complete strangers paying for part of his expenses while also allowing him to maintain some of his "pride" at "paying his own way", etc etc.

In any event, the good news for Mr. Lang is that as of this writing, 80 people have coughed up about $1,500 in donations so far out of the goodness of their hearts.

In a world where a homophobic pizza shop can raise $840,000 from a bunch of bigots, this isn't particularly impressive.

What is noteworthy, however, is who has been donating money towards Mr. Lang's fund. Take a look at the comments; I bold-faced my favorite one (and yes, my own is buried in here somewhere). As far as I can tell, out of the $1,500 donated so far, around 80% of it comes from self-described liberals/progressives/Democrats who made the comments below. The other 20% are mostly anonymous, which means they could be his fellow Republicans/conservatives, or they may have no particular political stance...or they may be more liberals/progressives who just didn't feel like making a comment.

UPDATE 11:00pm: Lang's GoFundMe account is now up to over $5,200 via nearly 300 donations...and while it would take forever to document all of them, it still sure as hell looks as though a good 75% or more of them are still from liberals/progressives. So where are all the conservatives?? I guess they're tapped out after donating to the Indiana pizza place or something...

UPDATE 9:00am 5/13/15: He's now up to $7,300 via 379 donors...and yes, judging from the latest donation comments, it's still virtually all progressives saving Lang's behind.

I'll let those points speak for themselves.

From a first generation immigrant Communist. Good luck brother.

I'm a godless liberal feminist, but my 89 y/o dad has macular degeneration and so my heart goes out to anyone who's having vision trouble. I can't give you much but I hope it will do some good. I hope hearing your story will convince more people that single payer is the way to go and the ACA is a good start, even if it's not perfect.

You've been asking for special treatment as an uninsured patient for at least the last year and a half. You felt entitled to a discount because you didn't have insurance (I've been paying the difference via higher premiums and taxes. Your Welcome.). Now you have the nerve to ask for more special treatment and a handout as a still uninsured person. What is wrong with you!!!! Have you no common sense, did you think that you'd be healthy and wealthy forever? HOW did you intend to pay for your healthcare in an emergency? Answer: "I thought there'd be help in an emergency" In other words you thought that there'd be a handout or a "sliding scale" for those without insurance. AND your dear wife as arrogant and entitled as you "he should be at the front of the line" front of others who FOLLOWED THE RULES. In front of others who are also ill and in need of care. I've donated a measly amount because I know that in future it will be my tax dollars supporting you and your, Oh, so entitled wife. I pray that this will teach you to do unto others as you'd like them to do unto you (it's in the Bible). But paying your bills and following the laws of the land are also in the Bible and you thought very little of listening to that.

I honestly wish the best for you. You are right, the ACA is flawed, but not because of the president or the Democrats. It is flawed because it is not universal medical coverage for every single person in the United States of America! I hope that your brain is still good and you can look at your situation and the ACA objectively and realize it is the Republicans in Congress and the governor of South Carolina , as well as yourself, who has placed you in this situation. Had you signed up when you were supposed to, you'd be covered. Had your governor accepted federal money to expand medicaid, you could receive coverage now. And had the Congress passed universal single payer healthcare, which republicans would never agree to, you would ALWAYS have coverage. Remain a Republican if you wish, but tell your party that everyone needs healthcare. It's a fundamental right, not a privilege for those who can afford it.

I too am another liberal person (who believes we should have single payer insurance) but instead of berating you for the bad choices you made I am choosing to pitch in a little bit. I know it's not much and yes, I know you put yourself in this dilemma but as a Christian I am appalled at the unkindness I am seeing reflected at you. I am donating in appreciation of the people who have helped me out along the way. Best wishes to you.

Remember that bible thing about a mote in a person's eye? Go refresh your memory. If you're looking for someone to blame, look in your mirror....oh, yeah, it's the rest of us selfish liberals here who are donating to help you still be able to see anything. Shame on you. What goes round comes round...but now you have a chance to get your attitude as well as your eyes adjusted. Nothing in life is free...and, despite what your selfish behavior says about you, we all are our brother's keeper. I feel sorry for you.

Sir: I know if the shoe was on the other foot, you would expect me to "pull myself up by my own boot straps" and wouldn't contribute. But, I'm compassionate and think we all owe something to each other. Except my donation and please be responsible and sign up for ACA when open enrollment comes around again. God speed.

I am more liberal than anyone you will ever know in your life but I am giving you a small amount because I feel for you and you are a fellow American. WE take care of others in this country! Your bullheadedness brought this financial mess on yourself. What's happening to you now is what healthcare reform was all about. Do yourself a favor and get signed up for Obamacare at the next opportunity.

From an ACA supporting, leftist, atheist, transgender homosexual... May humanity and compassion guide all of us.

Sir, Obama, The Affordable Care Act, and government elected by the people are not out to get you; regardless of what Rush Limbaugh says. If you can afford a $300K home, then you can afford to be responsible and obtain Obamacare. I am a liberal who thinks many deserve a second chance... and access to health care.

I want to say something clever and sassy about your right wing stupidity, but all I can feel is compassion. I hope you get the medical care you need.

Another so-called liberal donating to your cause. Please be responsible and sign up for the ACA if you can't afford insurance elsewhere.

Im making a small donation thinking of two friends who had their lives saved by Obamacare and in spite of your arrogance. Hope you get well soon and experience the pleasure of gratitude.

OK, man. Here's a couple bucks to help you out, but for that, you get this: I want you to know that I'm one of those crazy liberals that people like you are always ragging about. Despite the bullshit you like to hear that places the blame for everything under the sun on us lefties, the bottom line is, we just want to take care of people. Poor people, smart people, old people, veterans, victims, stupid people, sick people, hungry people, unlucky people, and people just like you. I don't know you, but I'm pretty sure that the whiney bullshit that comes out of you mouth indicates that you would not be a person that I'd ever spend much time with. You seem very close-minded and intolerant, and while I could be wrong, I bet you've never really done much to help people that you don't know. If I were you, I'd pretend that I learned something out of all of this shit you got yourself into. You should become the poster child for why we needed the ACA, and why we should eventually move to a single-payer system to keep our population healthy. You should contact your half-smart governor and demand that your state expand Medicare so that more of your fellow citizens don't have to go through what you are now going through. Or you can keep being a stupid shit, crying about the consequences of your misplaced political support. By the way, if I see that you have indeed changed your ways, stopped bad-mouthing the system that you failed to participate in, and started acting like an American and helped some other less fortunate souls, I'll donate more toward your cause. Until then, enjoy some liberal generosity. We don't just help poor people with dark skin. Be a better person, my friend. Love everyone. It's easy.

I, too, am a bleeping liberal who thinks no one should suffer due to bad choices, bad luck, or bad policies of conservative dogma. Perhaps in your battle with blindness you'll see better than ever that liberalism and socialism means people relying on people and lightening everyone's burden by sharing that burden. Good luck, Mr. Lang.

I challenge The Koch brothers to match my donation!

I'm a Democrat, a lefty liberal, AND an atheist, and have already given something to Doctors Without Borders for help in Nepal, to help people in distress through no fault of their own. But here's a smidgen to help, even though you have been totally irresponsible, and could have prevented this mess. But I wanted to add my two cents to let other people know that it seems to be people like me who are helping you. Where are your Republican friends now? Dude, sign up for the ACA next year. Sell your house while you are at it; show that you are at least trying.

Sir, I truly understand your predicament better than most. I have a brother almost your exact same age with the exact same condition, brought on by almost the exact same circumstances. He however had the good sense to enroll in the ACA program and has managed to get the care he needs to save what vision he has left. I don't judge you and I am certainly not donating to your cause to prove anything. I do hope however that you see the folly of your ways, believing that a "safety net" is a handout is not really "compassionate conservatism. Nor is it mooching. Sometimes people need help. There is no shame in that. Only billionaires never need handouts because they have taken so much from the poor and middle class already, guaranteeing that they will never want for anything. I am a card carrying member of People for the American Way, a staunch and proud liberal, a secular humanist and an individual who has compassion for ALL people, regardless of their political ideology or religious affiliation. I sincerely hope you get the medical and ideological care you need, so that blindness no longer threatens to leave you helpless and bitter.

Another Liberal who cares about your health and well being. If I could I would give more. Please learn from this terrible lesson and make sure you tell Governor Haley to stop hurting your fellow South Carolinians and accept the medicade expansion dollars.

No liberal really wants you to go blind, no matter how stupid or full of hate you are. Good luck.

I'm a liberal and a Christian, and I'm not here to say I told you so. Your situation is tragic and I'm very sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm unable to donate more now but hopefully I will be able to later. God bless you, sir. You are in my prayers.

Be honest with yourself, if not everyone else. You had an opportunity to sign up for affordable healthcare, but you didn't because of Republican rhetoric on Fox. Health insurance is meant for situations like you are finding yourself in today. The ACA has made it possible for all Americans to be cared for when in need. Stop blaming the government for your own failure to sign up. Look at the horrible situation your governor has caused by refusing the expansion. Where is your GOP governor now that you need help? Think for yourself and stop regurgitating the lies on Fox. Here is a bit of the money I've saved on health care since the ACA. My own son is alive today because of the ACA. Next year sign up and petition your governor for the expansion.

Luis, I hope you get the care you need - even if it is thru the generosity of strangers who have compassion for others; even those who don't believe as we do. I'm a far-left bleeding heart liberal but I don't want to see you suffer. You should return to being productive. I'm hoping this unfortunate experience will open you and your wife's eyes - to personal responsibility - and to the knowledge that the ACA could have helped you had you not stubbornly refused to sign up - based on what I read in the Charlotte Observer story - simply a hatred for our President. (The ACA program was born of a Republican think tank, American Heritage. Mitt Romney was the governor who first implemented it.) You may also blame Governor Haley, who refused federal money to expand Medicaid. She threw people like yourself under the bus, Voting republican has perilous consequences for the un-wealthy. Good luck to you and your wife.

Hi, Luis! A friend from your state shared your story with me, and I wanted to reach out to you a little bit. I also have a serious, chronic disease that's hard to control at times, and I am so very, very lucky to live in a country with a medical system that ensures that people in my position can receive care when they need it. That's why I can afford to help out a little, because medical problems here don't drive hardworking individuals into the ground financially when faced with these sorts of complications. I hope that someday you can live in as place with as compassionate an outlook. Best of luck with your surgery.

Please-learn-from-this... A-Massachusetts-Liberal

Tell the truth. You weren't "refused" Obamacare, you were late in signing up for this year. If you had signed up during the enrollment period (which was well publicized everywhere- except maybe Fox News), you would still have your savings, and would have gotten the surgery by now. I hope you and your wife (who needs to get a job- with health insurance -or is she one of those mooching liberals?) learned a valuable lesson here. Or maybe you didn't, and will keep voting against your own interests and blaming everyone else for the situation you find yourself in. Vote for Bernie in 2016! -single mom, 1 full time/5 part time jobs... Way, way, way left of Obama.

Luis, please accept this money and I hope it will help you. But do please promise that you will look within and without to see what happened here - and to sign up for the ACA in the next window of opportunity. The way you chose, per the instructions of your political news sources, nearly bankrupted you and your family, left your vision at risk - and is costing those that want to help a great deal more in total. It did not have to be that way. Please stop hating liberals. Most of us are happy to help if we can, We are a nation, a United States - not just a bunch of individuals in bunkers feeding on fear and distrust. Peace and may your vision be saved.

You can't blame the President for a bad decision you made based on the rhetoric coming from the right wing. Maybe now you'll realize that Republicans didn't have your best interest in mind while they were spewing their ignorance so loud and proud; and all for the sake of keeping people like you fighting for the wallets of wealthiest Americans, from whose table nothing, absolutely nothing, will trickle down. I will donate; you'll definitely need your eyes to see the Republican party for who they truly are.

Here is another bleeding heart liberal who believes that all Americans, regardless of circumstances, political ideology or attitude deserve health care.

I am a bleeding heart, liberal, commie, faggot. Republicans like you - who lack empathy until someone you know is directly impacted by an issue - are what's destroying our country. If Nikki Haley and the rest of your big-business controlled GOP lawmakers actually cared about the citizens of your pathetic state they would have expanded Medicaid under the ACA. I certainly hope you get the care you need. And I hope all of your Republican friends learn something from your unfortunate situation.

How exactly do you think you would have got assistance before the ACA? Petition your Governor to expand Medicaid in your state; he is cutting your eyes out to spite Obama's face.

Vote Democrat in the next election - that's all the thanks I need. Oh, and sign up for the ACA.

Hope you get well soon . Get a Clue and don't blame the President for your misfortune .

I send this contribution to help you recover from the unfortunate personal choices you have made about your health care and insurance coverage. Sorry your state doesn't provide expanded medicaid coverage! I hope you are able to tap the equity in your home, that your spouse can find work, and above all, that you sign up for health insurance via the ACA in the next open enrollment period.

There is none so blind as he who will not see. I hope you understand that your shortsightedness got you into this situation and that you will get the help you need. Meanwhile vote for the Democrats because they are the ones who are working for you.

where's your god and the republican party now? .... Open your eyes and stop judging people based on lies.

i am a die hard liberal progressive who believes that in 21st century America NO ONE should lose everything because they become ill....good luck to you sir

Best of luck to you. I hope that you get through this difficult time and continue to lead a happy, productive life. Episodes like this can change perspectives. I'm hopeful that you can emerge from this experience as a champion for universal health care. Your story is emblematic of the struggles that others have faced and may no longer have to face as a result of Obamacare.

I gladly give you this donation in honor of President Obama's efforts to expand health insurance coverage in the United States. Best wishes.

I, like you, work for myself. I went without health insurance for years thinking myself healthy enough to not worry about it. Unlike you, I think there should be universal healthcare paid for through our taxes. I signed up through the exchange and qualified for a good health care plan that I could afford. I'm glad that I did in that I also just found Out I have diabetes. I am not suffering to the same extent you are and I hope you are able to raise the money you need. If I had not signed up I would be paying hundreds of dollars a month for the two medications I need to control my blood sugar levels. Instead I pay about $40. I am truly sorry you discovered too late that you should have used the exchange and I hope you find the support you need for your illness. It's not the presidents fault that only a flawed plan could get passed and that the opposition continues to try and tear it down but for now it's the best we can get.

I am sorry you made a bad choice in not signing up for health insurance through the ACA. The "blindness" of so many Obama haters are keeping them from making the rational decision to enroll. This hatred extends to the elected officials in so many red states who refuse to accept Medicaid expansion to help their most vulnerable. So far it looks like its mostly "liberals" contributing to you. Hope you will keep that in mind the next time you vote, and that it will temper your political comments with compassion for others.

Please stop listening the dumb, heartless republican brainwash. Healthcare should be an undeniable right for everyone. "Obamacare" or ACA is nothing more than an incomplete attempt to get there (and it's not there because it has been hijacked in more ways that you can count by moronic heartless republicans, so don't be one of them). More importantly, PLEASE STOP SMOKING and take care of your diabetes otherwise this donations are all for nothing. ... While you are getting a lot of well-deserved crap for blaming Obama, who has no fault on your problems, you should take a close look at who is donating to your campaign, most of us while we don't agree with you, we believe you too should have the right to affordable healthcare. And by the way, ACA saved my sister and so many others, so start looking for those stories before listening the next idiot from FOX news.

Here's $5 in memory of my brother. He died two years ago. You and he have a lot in common Luis, both right-wing Conservatives. Not only that, my brother was also a diabetic and a smoker and was losing his eyesight. He became disabled and spent his time listening to hate radio. He shirked personal responsibility for his health, for his future, at every turn, while raging against Obama and liberals ... and immigrants, blacks, and whoever else was not like him or thought like him. I could go on, but I'll just say that he died a sick, angry, lonely man and he didn't have to. He was a prisoner of his own ideology. He never figured it out. Maybe you will, likely you won't. But here's $5 ... may you receive the help you need despite your mistakes and shortcomings, and my brother rest in peace.

Seems to me that you have options: 1. Apply for disability immediately. You may be given emergency access to some form of insurance while your application is pending. 2. Sell your house and use the equity to pay for your treatment. 3. Sell your house and move to a state that has expanded medicaid under ACA unlike South Carolina (the red state that bears significant responsibility for this situation.) 4. Be a martyr for the right wing cause of "personal responsibility"

I figure my blog entry regarding your recklessly foolish actions and appallingly hypocritical attitude even *after* the fact have probably generated $5.00 in ad revenue traffic, so here you go. I recommend using it to buy a clue.

I'm a democratic social liberal who voted for President Obama and believe everyone should have access to affordable health care as a human right. I don't believe in the "let them die" or "let them go broke" mantra. I wish you well.

I'm here to help, not to offer political criticism, but I WILL offer my perspective. Your desire to be arduously self-reliant is to be commended, but you're fighting against an industry that benefits when they DON'T pay out. Obamacare, as it has come to be known, is originally an idea developed by the conservative Heritage Foundation, morphing into Romneycare along the way, until we find it in its present form. To spite yourself in this instance is quite clearly need help, and you REALLY should take it when it's available. Mr. Lang, I'll leave you with this question in the sincere hopes you experience a bit of enlightenment (and please believe I don't intend this in a smarmy manner...): If you found yourself in a position to help someone else, would you? I would...

I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation. I wish I could give more. I know at this time it is totally pointless to remind you that you should have signed up for the ACA. I just hope more people who are in the same prior circumstance as yourself will realize that the ACA helps people from these unexpected medical bills. I have always been fortunate to have always been covered by insurance, even when I didn't need it. Now that I'm 65, I don't even worry about health coverage because I have medicare and I buy supplemental insurance for the stuff medicare doesn't cover. I don't have to buy the supplemental, but I am secure in the knowledge that if some sickness should befall me, I am covered. I really hope that you get your operation soon so that you can go back to work and hopefully understand why the ACA was passed in the first place.

You smoke and you have diabetes and you don't have health insurance. That was very foolish on your part on several levels. Sign up for the ACA when enrolment starts again. And thank your lucky stars that President Obama made it so that insurance companies can't reject you for your pre-existing conditions. And stop voting Republican - they're the ones preventing you from getting care.

Sir. I have always believed the rabid republican's were people nothing bad had happened to yet. So welcome to our club. I will contribute monthly from my saving over $1100 a month from being on Obamacare. I wish you had been as wise and I'm sorry for your misfortune - hopefully going forward you will understand why we have and need safety nets in this country.

I'm a Liberal Democrat living in Charlotte who has been utterly disgusted by the partisan, deceitful, destructive policies of the GOP and those who support them. It further saddens me that you blame Obama and not yourself, or your own political party for your predicament, and that you continue to be willfully ignorant of the FACT that Obamacare, if fully enacted by your own partisan Governor, would in fact save you. However, it breaks my heart to think you would lose your eyesight and livelihood. I do not want you to suffer because of your poor choices and ridiculous partisan views. I want you to continue to live a long, productive, happy life - regardless of whom you vote for. I wish you well.

I honestly feel very bad for you. I hope you raise the money you need. But I also hope that you learn from this and that you purchase health insurance. And that you stop listening to the conservative rhetoric on health coverage. Health care should be a right, like it is in most Scandinavian countries. THAT's the system we need here. The ACA (aka: Obamacare) is a poor substitute but is better than nothing. If only you'd been proactive and signed up for of luck to you. Everyone deserves a second chance.

You're getting a lot of flack for being absent-minded, and deservedly so. We all make mistakes and I as well as others who recognize health care as a right would never wish you ill. You can be grateful that it is yourself, not the wife who depends on you, that is in dire need of medical assistance. In the future, if you feel you should no longer worry about whether or not you have health care available to you, I recommend you vote BERNIE SANDERS for president in 2016 and support his advocacy for a single-payer system.

My best case scenario is pay as much as I'm able toward public health care and live a long life using a very small percentage of my own contribution. I prefer a society where fellow humans get support they need when they fall on hard times. And hope that my loved ones and I never do. If we depend on charities to help the suffering, sometimes those in need fall victim to favoritism; and a grumpy or over-opinionated person may get shunned and left in the cold. It's important that the government have a safety net at least- to help any person- even if they have difficult personalities. Here's a little bit toward your cause to help you understand that. I hope you get more help from a lot of progressive minded people and you'll be the next champion for a better health care system than lousy Obamacare. Single payer.

It's not Obama's fault. You should appeal to your republican governor to expand Medicaid in your state. In the mean time, here is a little help made possible by the money I've saved since the Affordable Care Act.

I kicking you some money, but this is your own fault and not the POTUS, the AFA, us 'commie liberals', or anyone else but you. If you hadn't have been so pig headed and and signed up when you were supposed to, you wouldn't be in this situation. You fell for the rhetoric from people who don''t have your best interest in mind. No insurer that i know of lets you not pay on your policy until you get sick. The AFA is not perfect, but it does work and it's being revised and tweaked all the time. My premium went from $600 a month for my son and I to $0 for my son and $36 a month for me...Up from $32 last year, but my deductibles are lower now. I hope you're learning a lesson and i wish you the best.