That's a Wrap, Folks: #ACATaxTime is over (except for Vermont)

Just a quick reminder: The tax filing season special enrollment period is still going on for 1 more week 1 more day in 45 states (+DC), and all the way until the end of May in Vermont:

To date, there have been at least 106,000 confirmed QHP selections specifically due to the #ACATaxTime SEP:

As I noted a few days ago, while my original spitball projection of perhaps 600K+ was obviously way off base, it now looks like the grand total of #ACATaxTime-specific QHP selections will likely end up being somewhere around 130K - 140K by 4/30, give or take.

HOWEVER, it's important to remember that around 7,000 - 8,000 people per day are still enrolling in private policies via the ACA exchanges due to major life changes, such as:

  • Getting married / divorced
  • Giving birth / adopting a child
  • Moving to a different area / state
  • Getting out of prison / gaining legal residency status
  • losing their existing coverage / significant income change

In addition, there's no time limit for Native Americans to enroll, nor are there time limits for people to enroll in Medicaid/CHIP or for small businesses to enroll in the SHOP exchanges.