Minnesota: Just 765 QHPs added since 3/08, but 36K added to Medicaid/MNCare

Hmmm...this is a bit surprising. The last report out of MNsure stated that they had added 1,405 QHP selections in the 15 days from 2/21 - 3/08, or 94 per day. I assumed that as today's tax filing deadline approached, this rate would increase as procrastinators scrambled to get their taxes filed under the wire. Instead, however, this is their latest report:

61,874 - 61,109 = Just 765 people enrolling over the 36 days since the prior report, or just 21 people per day. ACA exchange enrollments have actually slowed down substantially over the past month compared to the prior 2 weeks (which were after open enrollment ended). If this slowdown is representative of the whole country, then instead of several hundred thousand #ACATaxTime enrollees, we might be looking at fewer than 100K. However, this isn't nearly enough to draw any conclusions from yet.

There's one other possibility: The 61,874 figure may be the net enrollments (effectuations) after subtracting terminated/cancelled accounts. If that's the case, then the total selection figure could be considerably higher.

On the other hand, Medicaid and MinnesotaCare enrollments (which, of course, have no deadline attached) have shot up substantially, by 29K and 6,700 respectively over the past month, which is pretty impressive.