#ACATaxTime: Still 2 weeks for most states!

Since today is the official deadline for filing your taxes, I thought it'd be a good time to remind people that if you had to pay the non-coverage tax penalty last year (ie, the "Individual Shared Responsibility Provision"), were (somehow) unaware of it's existence and didn't find out about it until after 2/15/15, you can still enroll in healthcare coverage via the Tax Filing Season Special Enrollment Period (or #ACATaxTime as I put it) as late as April 30th in most states:

As noted above, 3 states aren't offering any sort of tax penalty-specific enrollment period, and 2 other states have different ending deadlines for the SEP: Washington State ends theirs on Friday the 17th, while Vermont is extending theirs all the way out until the end of May.

It's also important to note that anyone, regardless of their tax penalty status, can still enroll at any time if they have a Qualifying Life Event such as getting married/divorced, giving birth/adopting a child, losing their existing coverage, moving to a new state or having a significant income change, along with a few other types of event. By my best estimates, something like 7,000 people in these categories are selecting private QHP policies via the ACA exchanges every day above and beyond anyone doing so via the #ACATaxTime SEP.