2016 GOP candidates reveal their healthcare policies at last: "Not Obamacare!"

Over at the National Journal, Caitlin Owens and Dylan Scott provide a handy roundup of the healthcare policy positions of 15 different likely Republican Presidential candidates.

While there's a few somewhat plausible ideas tossed in here and there, and a few even voluntarily participated in the ACA's Medicaid expansion program (ironically the most "socialized medicine-ish" provision of the law), on the whole their "policies" are pretty much big nothingburgers.

The most telling (and amusing/depressing, depending on your POV) entries are the ones for Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and particularly Carly Fiorina:

Or, as Adrianna McIntyre put it:

Nifty rundown from @dylanlscott: http://t.co/UklDu4d2ej "Unclear. Unclear. Unclear. But Obamacare's definitely bad." pic.twitter.com/9ww1SOz2RZ

— Adrianna McIntyre (@onceuponA) March 30, 2015

Of course, Rep. Alan Grayson saved Owens & Scott a lot of trouble by laying out the GOP healthcare policy years ago: