Republican Rep. Paul Ryan actively encouraging 34 states to hurt their own residents

I don't have a subscription to the WSJ, so I can only quote the first couple of paragraphs, but do I really need any more than that?

Paul Ryan Urges State Lawmakers Not to Set Up Health-Insurance Exchanges

Ways and means chairman says GOP is moving ahead on alternative to health law

WASHINGTON—Rep. Paul Ryan urged state lawmakers to resist setting up state insurance exchanges if the Supreme Court rules that key parts of the Affordable Care Act can only continue if they do so.

“Oh God, no…The last thing anybody in my opinion would want to do, even if you are not a conservative, is consign your state to this law,” the Wisconsin Republican told state legislators Thursday during a conference call organized by the...

Well, now. That really takes "doing absolutely nothing to help 14 million people" to a new level, doesn't it? Not only is he committed to not resolving the "issue" that the GOP created themselves (something which would take all of 5 minutes to do, I might add), he's now actively pushing for the 34 states on the federal exchange not to doing a damned thing either.

I'm sure that if I could read the entire article I'd find his "alternative plan" to be oh-so-much-more-nuanced than my crude depiction of his statement.

On the other hand, it's also very likely to be pretty close to how Rep. Alan Grayson put it years ago:

"Don't Get Sick...But If You Do...Die Quickly."

At least they're on the record now, anyway.

UPDATE: OK, I've been sent the rest of the WSJ article. I'll keep the additional quoting to a minimum, but that's fine because my statement above still stands: I didn't really need to read the rest to get the gist of Ryan's "alternative plan":

“It’s not going to be as if in a few weeks all these people in our states, my state included, are going to be out of subsidies and have a 256% increase in their premiums, which is the average price increase we’re predicting. There is no reason to quickly dig yourself into a position and take this.”

Yes, because the one thing that 14 million lower/middle-class people want is for Congress to play chicken with their lives. At least he's on the record as agreeing with the concensus tax increase that the GOP is effectively hoping to saddle people with.

...Mr. Ryan suggested the GOP caucus was most enthusiastic about allowing states to strip some of the health law’s requirements that insurance plans must provide certain minimum benefits and a requirement that insurers sell to all customers equally regardless of their medical history.

Yeah, those translate as "allowing junk policies again" and "allowing insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions" again.

I'm sure that'll go over real well.

In short, what Ryan is proposing here amounts to "Repeal Obamacare, but only in 2/3 of the states!" I fail to see how it differs from repealing the law entirely (which they've tried to do over 50 times now), except that it would only destroy the law in 34 (or 37?) states rather than all 50 +DC. Ironically, this would also leave Medicaid expansion intact for the states which have taken it, which means that Ryan's plan would screw over 14 million working-class/middle class people while still letting another 14 million or so working-poor people receive 100% single-payer healthcare. Irony.

I guess Ryan figures he can damage the other 1/3 of the country later on.