Today is an important day, for today is...Chris Savage's Birthday!

Chris Savage is the creator and operator of Eclectablog, the place to go for progressive political news in Michigan. He also happens to be an awesome guy, a colleague, a client and a friend.

Today is his birthday. In honor of Chris, I'd like to ask visitors to consider making a donation to him today. Just visit Eclectablog, scroll all the way down and look for this PayPal area in the lower-right corner:

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Oh, yeah...the King v. Burwell case is also being argued in front of the Supreme Court today.

P.S. I'll have plenty to say about today's King v. Burwell developments this afternoon or tomorrow, I'm sure, but for the moment there's not much more I can add. I'm neither a lawyer nor a Constitutional scholar; others are far more knowledgable about the particulars of the Supreme Court as well as the personalities/idiosyncracies of the individual Justices.

If you're looking for live developments, I'd suggest any of the following: