Washington State: 159.5K QHPs, 290 SHOP

This is about as minor of an update as I can post; the actual hard enrollment number is slightly lower than the 160K figure that I already had, but it's still good to have specific data, plus it's broken out into more detail. Plus, the SHOP data is here as well (such as it is):

Open Enrollment Numbers (All Numbers Effective as of February 15, 2015)

Individual Marketplace

  • Current Enrollees – 159,556
  • Returning Enrollees (Renewals) – 93,136
    • Moved to Medicaid – 9,786
  • New Enrollees – 66,420
  • Business Marketplace
  • Accounts Created – 2,405
  • Total Completed Applications (Link sent to Employees) – 32
  • Total Enrollments (Employees Plan Selection Complete) – 57 groups with 290 enrolled lives

Yeah, there's really no getting around it: The SHOP program is proving to be pretty much a dud for the 2nd year in a row. Last year they had an obvious excuse: The SHOP exchanges weren't even available in a good 43 states or so. This year they're all supposedly technically working properly, but aside from special cases like DC (where Congressional staffers are required to enroll in the DC SHOP exchange), actual numbers are pretty anemic across the board so far.