Rhode Island Final #OE2 Tally: 31.5K QHPs, 95% PAID

Mazel Tov to HealthSourceRI for being the first of the state-based exchanges to release their full 2015 Open Enrollment Period (with #ACAOvertime included) results. HC.gov released their collective total yesterday, but haven't broken it out by state yet; Kentucky released data through 2/19 but their extension period isn't over until Saturday; and I have a rough estimate for Massachusetts, but they won't release their official tally until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here's Rhode Island's final count:

PROVIDENCE – HealthSource RI (HSRI) has released enrollment data, certain demographic data and certain volume metrics through Monday, February 23, 2015, for Open Enrollment and the Special Enrollment Period (due to previous weather closings at the contact center and walk-in locations).

As of February 23, 2015, 83% of Year One customers have renewed (selected a plan) for 2015
(82% of renewing customers paid the first month’s premium).
Total New Customers: 10,301 (9,150 paid)
Total Renewed Customers: 21,212 (20,851 paid)
Total HealthSource RI enrollments for 2015 coverage: 31,513 (30,001 paid)

*Note: Individuals who have selected a plan but not paid by their selected coverage effective date become cancelled; reported enrollment values (plan selections, paid and unpaid) will fluctuate with potential net decrease due to plan selection cancellation, as of the passage of the January coverage payment deadline.

In the end, Rhode Island's QHP selections (after subtracting purged, past-due non-payments) ended up being just over 31.5K, or around 11% higher than last year (28.5K). On the one hand, that makes them one of the worst-performing states relative to 2014's enrollment number. On the other hand, since they've already subtracted most of the unpaid enrollees, that also means that RI has an impressive 95.2% payment rate.

As for retention rates from last year, the press release states that 83% renewed. However, that's 83% of those who were still enrolled as of November (around 25,550). Measured against last April's total (28,485) the retention rate would be more like 74.5%, which is still excellent all things considered...and is very close to the HC.gov rate of 76.5%.

Some additional demographic fun:

2015 Enrollee Plan Selection
21 plans are available on HSRI’s Individual Market for 2015, up from 12 plans in 2014, including some lower cost options for 2015.  HSRI is providing a snapshot below of how new and renewing customers are choosing plans – this data includes both customers who have paid and those who have not yet paid.

Renewed Customers
2015 vs. 2014 Selection by Plan, by Metal Level and by Insurer

62% of renewing individuals have selected a different plan for 2015
39% of renewing individuals have selected a plan with a different carrier for 2015
80% of renewing individuals have selected a plan in the same metal level for 2015; 6% of renewing individuals bought up by metal level for 2015, while 13% bought down by metal level for 2015

SHOP enrollments are listed as well:

SHOP Enrollment*
Cumulative as of February 21, 2015
*SHOP reporting follows standard schedule vs. Individual Market reporting, which has been extended to account for the February 23 payment deadline for coverage effective on March 1.

Small employer accounts created: 1,963
Small employer applications completed: 584

Small employer enrollment (paid and unpaid): 479
These employers represent 3,484 covered lives

Small employer enrollment (paid): 454
These employers represent 3,282 covered lives

77% of small employers are enrolled in the Full Choice Model

There's no info here about any sort of a "Tax Season" enrollment period, but they may announce that later.