Thursday's Morning Joe, Sunday's NY Times

I know I've been #humblebragging re. media attention lately. Part of that was to explain the server slowdown a few days ago; part of it is that I'm terribly insecure, and with the open enrollment period wrapping up, I suppose I'm starting to get a bit anxious about my relevance again, bla bla bla. My apologies for that.

Of course, with the recent #ACAOvertime extensions, followed up almost immediately by the #ACATaxTime enrollment periods, it sounds like my lease on relevance has been extended (again) by another couple of months (Vermont is extending their tax period all the way out until the end of May, for heaven's sake!). Plus, of course, the King v. Burwell SCOTUS case will be smack in between the two, and the decision on that isn't expected until June, so I guess there'll be plenty of material for this site for a few more months yet...

Having said that, there are a couple of items to note:

1. On the one hand, not exactly a big fan of Joe Scarborough. On the other hand, always glad to see my work used to debunk inaccurate GOP talking points :)

2. Sunday's edition of the New York Times (link at the very bottom)