District of Columbia: 18.4K QHPs, 47K Medicaid, 15.8K SHOP

The good news is that the DC exchange has released their official enrollment data through 2/15. The bad news is that it's slightly lower than I had previously thought, for exactly the reason that bothered me a few weeks back...they kept listing the cumulative enrollments since October 2013, mixing in those who never paid or who didn't renew for 2014. Fortunately, the difference is pretty minor:

Today, the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority (HBX) released individual marketplace data for the second open enrollment period for DCHealthLink.com, the District’s online health insurance marketplace for individuals, families and small businesses.

The second open enrollment period for individuals and families ended February 15, 2015. During the second open enrollment period, more than 7,000 new and existing customers shopped for private health insurance through DCHealthLink.com. For 2015 coverage, new customers and renewed 2014 customers now total more than 18,000 people who enrolled in private health insurance coverage through DC Health Link’s individual marketplace:

  • 4,422 new customers have completed their insurance applications and selected a health plan
  • 2,640 existing customers shopped and enrolled in new coverage different from their 2014 coverage
  • 11,369 existing customers were renewed automatically

That's a total of 18,431 enrollees for 2014.

They also list the Medicaid and SHOP enrollments. While they don't specify 2014 vs. 2015 here, both of these are year-round so the numbers are likely pretty close (and small enough that an error won't make a difference in the big picture anyway). This also shows the gap between the cumulative and 2015 numbers for QHPs (21,540 total, 18,431 for 2015).

Since October 1, 2013 when DC Health Link opened for business, approximately 84,316 people have come through DC Health Link:  21,540 people, including new customers, have selected a private qualified health plan; 46,968 people have been found eligible for Medicaid; 15,808 have been covered through SHOP, which includes people covered through small businesses in the District and Members and staff from the U.S. Congress.