Idaho wins the prize for most cryptic deadline extension policy (February 21st)

Yesterday I poked fun at many of the ACA exchanges for issuing vaguely-worded, non-specific statements about "making sure that everyone who tried" to enroll by midnight would be assisted, without any particular deadlines being given or other specifics.

Since then, most of the exchanges which hadn't done so already have clarified the extension policies--hard end dates, what the procedure is and so on.

And then there's Your Health Idaho, which features this on their home page:

I checked the most recent entry on their Twitter feed...

You’re close to missing out on health coverage for 2015! Today is the final day to enroll in a YHI plan. Don’t wait!

— Your Health Idaho (@YourHealthIdaho) February 15, 2015

I checked the most recent entry on their Facebook page...

You’re close to missing out on health coverage for 2015!  Today is the final day to enroll in a Your Health Idaho plan. Don’t wait another minute!

I checked their latest news/updates page...

Deadline to Purchase Health Insurance on Idaho’s Exchange Fast Approaching

BOISE, Idaho –Time is running out for Idahoans who want to purchase health insurance in 2015. In order to buy coverage through Your Health Idaho, the state’s health insurance exchange, customers must complete and submit their application by February 15 at 11:59 p.m. MST.

Nothing. There's no pop-up notice or anything...just the image and link above.

You have to actually log into your account to find out that Your Health Idaho appears to have extended their enrollment period out until Saturday, February 21st:

Even more oddly, while the home page message makes it sound like Idaho's extension is of the "...if you started your application by February 15th" variety, the actual enrollment section of the website seems to indicate that this is a "full" 6-day extension (ie, you don't have to have already started).

I'll update this if a clarification is forthcoming, but until then I'm listing ID as "Full extension through 2/21".

UPDATE 2/16/15: OK, YHI's Twitter feed now specifies that this is ONLY for "Waiting In Liners" after all:

If you have already submitted your application, the deadline to select a health insurance plan for 2015 is February 21 at 11:59 PM MST.

— Your Health Idaho (@YourHealthIdaho) February 16, 2015