Minnesota: 49.2K QHPs, 91K Medicaid/MNCare ahead of final weekend

Hmm...well, things are starting to pick up heading into the final weekend of Open Enrollment in Minnesota...

Latest Enrollment Numbers

February 13, 2015

MNsure will release 2015 enrollment metrics weekly, and will present a more robust metrics summary to the MNsure Board of Directors at each regularly-scheduled board meeting. During weeks that MNsure is closed on Friday, the enrollment metrics update will be released earlier in the week.

Health Coverage Type Cumulative Enrollments
Medical Assistance 66,538
MinnesotaCare 24,457
Qualified Health Plan (QHP) 49,238
TOTAL 140,233

The only problem is that in order to hit their target of 67K, they'd have to add a whopping 17,762 in these final 3 days...or over 5,900 per day. Somehow I just don't see that happening...55K may be feasible, and 60K is within the realm of possibility.

Of course, there's always the chance that MNsure will announce a last-minute deadline extension...