District of Columbia: 20.3K QHPs, 44.4K Medicaid, 15.7K SHOP

The DC exchange may be small, but every person counts. The only irritating thing about their reports is that they always refer to them as being cumulative since October 2013, instead of only counting those who have enrolled or renewed their policies since 11/15/14. I went through this a few weeks back and concluded that yes, the numbers below are accurate for 2015:

More Than 80,500 People Enrolled in Health Coverage Through DC Health Link

Friday, February 13, 2015


From October 1, 2013 to February 8, 2015, 80,578 people have enrolled in health insurance coverage through DC Health Link in private insurance or Medicaid:

  •  20,358 people enrolled in a private qualified health plan,
  •  44,457 people have been determined eligible for Medicaid, and
  •  15,763 people enrolled through the DC Health Link small business marketplace (includes Congressional enrollment). 

So that's:

  • 1/11: 19,473 QHPs
  • 1/19: 19,837 QHPs (45 per day)
  • 2/08: 20,358 QHPs (26 per day)

Hmmm...things actually slowed down to a crawl in DC. The caveat here is that the period covered (1/20 - 2/08) was actually the slowest part of the enrollment period anyway, so this isn't terribly surprising. In addition, DC is already well above both the 14K HHS target as well as my own target of 16K, so every additional enrollment after that is sort of a bonus.

Meanwhile, they've added 44,457 Medicaid enrollees, and thanks to the Congressional staffers, have a disproportionately high 15,763 SHOP enrollees.