Oregon: Off-Exchange QHPs near 96K; still 50%+ of total

As noted earlier, there's a lag between the exchange-based QHP data from HC.gov vs. the Oregon Insurance Division, so you can ignore that number. However, the off-exchange number should be accurate (and this is the official source for it anyway):

Members enrolled,
Nov. 15-Feb. 1
On Healthcare.gov 86,606
Outside of Healthcare.gov 95,859
Total 182,465

Last week the off-exchange total was 92,872, so that's about a 3,000 enrollee increase, for whatever that's worth.

According to the HC.gov weekly snapshot report, as of 2 days earlier (1/30), Oregon's exchange-based total was 94,126...slightly less than the off-exchange number. It'll be interesting to see if that ratio holds steady next week after the final deadline surge goes through.